L&M Enterprises, Inc. has performed snow removal operations statewide for the last 36 years. Customer services and highest quality work are the foundation and goals of our company.

Choosing L&M guarantees that your employees and customers will arrive safely to their destination. It also guarantees that your parking lots, access roads, walkways and entrances get immediate and constant attention before, during and after a snow storm.

Many companies provide snow removal services as complimentary services to their primary business. Here at L&M, snow removal services is one our primary businesses. Our success is a result of our common practice of these business fundamentals: Stability, Affordability, Responsiveness, Accessibility, Reliability, Capability and Sustainability.


Our 36 years in business speak for itself. Over these many years we serviced over 300 properties for some of the most acclaimed names in retail, corporate and industrial markets. Our experience, processes and technology will meet your criteria for quality services.
Affordability – Our “Over-React” and “Total Care” approach reduces cost because of our awareness and preparation.


Our crew and equipment are readily available  to be dispatched 24 hours a days and 7 days a week, including holidays. We also subscribe and solicit many weather sources so we can closely and proactively monitor storms and changing weather patterns to properly accommodate our customers. Also we have multiple contacts that can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in case of any emergencies.


We are fully insured and honest. We closely document and proactively monitor your sites and maintain exceptional supervisions of our crew for any damages cause by burglary or accidents. You can rest assured that we will report any damages cause by us or others.
Capability – We have the man power and the most sophisticated equipment to bring you the highest and most efficient services.


We are environmentally conscientious, so we use products that are environmentally friendly to reduce pollutants and conserve natural resources.

Typical Implementation Plan:

  1. Pre-storm
    1. Solicit local weather channel, national weather channel (NOAA), CDOT cameras and Local Cameras
    2. Dispatch Field Scouts (Route Leaders) to different regions to    investigate
    3. Notify all site foreman of possible snow storm
  2. During Snow Event
    1. Dispatch all site foreman to their respective sites
    2. Plow highest priority areas first at each site like loading docks,    fire Lanes, entry way, handicap areas, parking lot nearest to the building, etc.
    3. Dispatch De-Icing Crew
    4. Continue until all sites are finished
  3. Post Snow Storm
    1. Account Manager inspects quality of work and document damages if any.

Snow Removal Gallery

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