The Construction Division was established in 1976 and has proven to be one of the leading flood and erosion control/construction companies along the Front Range. During our 37 years of experience, we have performed work in most drainage ways from small trickle channels to large water ways such as Cherry Creek, South Platte, Clear Creek, Bear Creek, Fountain Creek, just to name a few.

Our services includes, but is not limited to concrete and grouted drop structures, channel stabilization, pedestrian bridges, concrete trail, crusher fine trail, sheet piles, trickle channels, headwalls, wing walls, grouted boulders, rip rap, erosion control, dewatering, earthwork, storm sewers, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Corrugated Metal Pipe, safety railing, wetland plantings and revegation.

We have become very familiar with working in environmentally sensitive areas along the Front Range. We have been the recipient of numerous awards through the years, including “Contractor of The Year” awarded by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, L&M Enterprises, Inc. takes extreme pride in our high quality work and in our contribution to preservation of wildlife habitats, the safety and well-being of citizens and recreational value provided by our work.

Construction Crew